In Case of Emergency

Fire. Robbery. Earthquake. Heart attack. Flood. Car accident.

Those are just a few of the many major emergencies that might lead someone to call 911 for help in the United States. But what happens if you’re in another country? Who you gonna call?

Most people don’t think to look up the emergency phone number for a country they are traveling to before they take a trip. However, it is a really smart step in today’s unstable world climate. You can’t be afraid to live your life, but you should be prepared for when the unexpected happens.

Consider making emergency phone number research part of your trip prep from now on. It only takes a few minutes to find the appropriate number and program it into your phone.

Keep in mind that English-speaking operators may not be available in every country so it’s a good idea to have some key phrases in the country’s dominant language in your pocket (or phone’s “Notes”) as well.

Here are the 911 equivalents for some popular vacation destinations. But you can also find a more complete list on this U.S. Department of State link.

Australia                      000 (112 on a cell phone)

Bahamas                     911

Bali                              112 (ambulance), 118 (fire)

Barbados                     119

Bermuda                     911

Canada                        911

Canary Islands             112

Cayman Islands           911

Chile                            131 (ambulance), 132 (fire), 133 (police)

China                           120 (ambulance), 119 (fire), 110 (police)

Costa Rica                   911

Croatia                        112

Denmark                     112

Dominican Republic    911

Egypt                           123

England                       112, 999

France                         112

Germany                     112

Greece                         112 (general), 166 (ambulance), 199 (fire), 100 (police)

Hong Kong                   999

Iceland                        112

Ireland                         112, 999

Italy                             112 (general), 118 (ambulance), 115 (fire), 113 (police)

Jamaica                       110, 119 (police)

Japan                           119, 110 (police)

Korea                           119

Maldives                     102 (ambulance), 999 (fire), 119 (police)

Mexico                        065 (ambulance), 068 (fire), 060 (police)

Morocco                      15, 19 (police)

Netherlands                112

Peru                             011, 5114

Portugal                       112

Puerto Rico                 911

Scotland                      112, 999

Seychelles                   999

Spain                           112

St Lucia                        999, 911

Switzerland                 144 (ambulance), 118 (fire), 117 (police)

Tahiti                           15

Turks and Caicos         999, 911

United Kingdom          112, 999

U.S. Virgin Islands       911

It’s also a good idea to have the Embassy information available, which you can find at

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In case of an emergency abroad, you cannot be too prepared.  

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