About US

Who We Are

“A troupe of strolling players are we, Shakespearean portrayers are we, we’re just a simple band, who roams about the land…”  Kiss Me Kate

Okay, we’re theatrical. But we’re also quite practical. And that’s why when we discovered all the benefits of being travel agents for performers, we jumped at the chance to take on this new challenge. It just makes sense! As artists our careers have taken us all over the world, and we’ve also picked up top-notch navigation skills along the way (both when booking travel and while discovering new places). Plus, have you ever met an artist? The only way we know how to do things is FULL OUT. The skills, determination, and passion it took to make it as performers are transferable and now, we’re going to use those to make you the star of your next trip!

Our Collective Objective

We are committed to building a travel business filled with artistic types who can support each other on this journey as well as provide incredible travel insights to our clients so that all of us can see the world through creative eyes.

5678andTravel Agent FAQs

  • All our 5678andTravel agents are fully credentialed.
  • As artists our credits include Broadway, Off-Broadway, TV, Film, Ballet/Dance Companies, Opera, Circus, Orchestras, and more.
  • As humans, we love what travel teaches you.
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