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What is 5678andTravel?

We’re a collective of creative and performing artists who also decided to become independent travel agents.

Why? Well, most performers have to travel for work. A lot. Whether touring for shows, concerts, gigs, or even auditions, life on the road becomes second nature for artistic types.

In other words, we know how and where to travel. And we’re excited to help you do the same.

Why Use an Agent?

Did you know that when you book your own travel online, those websites make a commission off you? What if there was a way you could use that money to support the arts and artists instead? Sounds good, right?

Here’s the deal. By engaging a 5678andTravel agent to book your trip—instead of handing your money to a cyber travel conglomerate—you’ll actually be empowering a creative dreamer.

Our Team

Book your next trip using an independent travel agent with 5678andTravel.

Just send an email to one of our qualified agents with your detailed travel request (including desired dates, destination, budget, number of travelers, etc.), and they’ll get back to you promptly to discuss.. Remember, it won’t cost you a thing (all agent commissions are covered by travel suppliers, not the client).

Become an Agent

Let the 5678andTravel team show you how you too can become an Independent Travel Agent.

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